Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner

Cleaning Tips:

Cleaning your kitchen counters with pH balanced granite cleaners will avoid etching and causing your polished granite surface from looking dull. Keep in mind that not all pH balanced cleaners for granite are the same.


Cleaning Natural Stone

When cleaning a natural stone, such as limestone, travertine, marble and granite countertops, Indiana homeowners need to realize that all of these stones are porous. Depending on the stones color and type, as well as the quantity and quality of sealer applied, the porosity between them can differ greatly.
Natural stone can be beautiful and durable with very little maintenance. Prevention is the key to maintaining beauty and durability of any type of all natural stone surfaces. Industry professionals in Indiana will tell you that cleaning stone with a pH balanced cleaner will ensure that the surface is not going to be damaged by harsh or abrasive chemicals.

Cleaners with ammonia, along with acidic cleaners including lemon, and orange, will also etch granite countertops and marble surfaces. Typically when this happens it leaves white "stains" resembling water rings or marks. These marks are actually damage that has been done to the stone and is irreversible without the assistance of a professional.

Cleaning Natural Stone Surfaces

Granite countertops in Indiana homes can benefit from the use of Supreme Surface's Granite Cleaner for quartz and natural stone. The cleaner is pH neutral, non-toxic and is good for daily use on natural stones including marble and granite surfaces. This 100% naturally derived granite cleaner is different than most other products for cleaning natural stones. Unlike many over the counter and homemade cleaners, Supreme Surface Cleaner won't cause build-up or leave residue. Supreme Surface isn't just a quartz and stone cleaner, it's a conditioner too. Conditioners help protect your granite surface from grease, oil, and other spills that could leave stains. It is also not only safe, but recommended, for daily use and food prep areas.

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